6 Quick Tips for Developing Your Own YouTube Channel


With over a billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours each day, it is clear why so many people consider starting their own YouTube channel. The platform offers the chance, whether individually or as a business, to reach a huge global audience, allowing you to build your brand and cash in on ad revenues. However, with such high competition, simply uploading videos and hoping for the best will not yield results. To really grow your channel, a clear plan is required. The following tips can help you start on a positive note, growing your subscriber numbers steadily and consistently.

Develop a Concept

An unfocused channel will struggle to build an audience, so you need to consider your aims from the start. YouTube is now a very mature platform, with many examples you can follow. Whether it is makeup tutorials, video game reviews, or comedy sketches, there will almost always be a clear focus to the most popular video makers. You don’t need to restrict yourself to only one type of video, but viewers should be able to quickly see what it is that you offer.

Keep Each Video Focused

The videos themselves should also be focused, with too much rambling likely to drive viewers to an alternative video. It is a good idea to keep videos short, but longer videos can also perform well if they warrant the additional time. Rather than focusing too heavily on the duration, consider if you have removed everything unnecessary during the edit. Plan your videos in advance, keep edits tight, and stick to the main points.

Research Keywords and Trends

Just as with good SEO, finding good keywords can help you reach a larger audience. You want to make your title and description readable, but aim to include a keyword to help you rank. Targeting keywords can also help you rank in the search engines, with more videos appearing near the top of the page. The Google keyword tool can help uncover terms with high search volume. Google Trends can also help you identify niche trends, so you can create videos that meet a demand.

Ask Viewers to Like and Subscribe

If you watch a lot of videos, it is likely you will have seen requests for viewers to like and subscribe. You might be uncomfortable making a direct request of this nature, but it is an effective method. A simple reminder should give your likes and subscriber numbers a bump, with no need to be pushy. You can hope people remember or take action of their accord, but the best option is still to ask your viewers for their assistance. Make use of annotations, overlaying the screen with text that enriches the experience, while gently reminding them to subscribe and like the video.

Integrate with Other Social Media Platforms

Part of developing your channel should involve building your reputation across multiple platforms. Plenty of people like to watch videos, but they might not think about subscribing to a channel. Developing your brand across various social media sites helps you to build a recognizable name, increasing the chances that you will be remembered. Link all your social sites together, making it extremely easy for people to follow you across the web.

Be Patient and Consistent

A viral hit can result in millions of views, but they are difficult to predict. Trying to manufacture a viral hit can irritate audiences, with people being more savvy to marketing tricks. Instead, aim to produce consistently great content, building your audience over time. Creating a popular channel will usually take a while, but your audience will consist of those genuinely interested in your content. Aim to create a schedule that is manageable, but still satisfies your fans.

For a business owner, YouTube is too good an opportunity to overlook. The high levels of traffic, search engine visibility, and eager consumers make it a platform you need to work with. For individuals, there is a chance to develop a business, build an audience, and make money from scratch. YouTube, and video in general, continues to grow across desktop and mobile devices, so now is the time to start developing your own channel.


Source by Justin Soenke