7 Best Ways to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website


The biggest challenge met by website owners, developers, and online marketers is driving traffic to their website, and getting conversions that include profit from that traffic. Many website owners complain that the usual ways, those tried and true methods from the past, just aren’t working any more and they need to find new, better ways to drive targeted buying traffic. Here are a few of the best ways I’ve found to drive traffic over the past several months, and some are still the tried and true methods, just updated.

#1 Best Way – Long Tail Keyword Phrases

Pulling together a phrase of words that might connect your targeted audience to your website is the best way I’ve found to bring in targeted, buying traffic consistently.

#2 Best Way – Be The Solution Expert in Your Niche

Offer the best solutions for specific problems most prevalent in your specific niche market. If you figure out the exact problems your niche has, you can provide the best solutions, every time. Do that.

#3 Best Way – Guest Post Options

Invite popular gurus in your niche to post on your blog, and ask if you can be a guest on their blog. One way to do this is Interview a Guru, post the interview on your blog, and invite them to post a blurb and reference the interview on their blog.

#4 Best Way – Write and Publish a Book

Interview 9 Gurus in your niche, and publish those interviews into a book, along with an introduction by you, and a follow up message written by you. Not only are you providing the advice and knowledge of 9 AMAZING Gurus in your niche, but by publishing yourself with them, you become the PRIMARY Guru.

#5 Best Way – Post 6X per Week

The more you post the more traffic comes your way. When you post high-quality, valuable, and relevant content on your blog, your blog pulls up higher by rank than when you don’t post as much. Post 6X each week.

#6 Best Way – Ignite an Influential Blog War

This can be controversial, or fun, by just communicating with other bloggers and setting up a configuration of blog posts, responses, and comments driving traffic from blog to blog to blog, for referrals, information, and oh yeah, controversial fun. Could be political, but it doesn’t have to be. What about a discussion about the BEST Car You Ever Owned? Challenge your friends in relevant niches to discuss their best car in response to yours. I think we call this One Up in Real Life.

#7 Best Way – Write a Powerful Landmark Post in Your Niche

Here’s the deal… A landmark post can ignite a fire that nobody can put out, because the post goes viral, the links go viral, and the whole post will become a hitching post for many posts that follow, including backlinks from other people’s websites, for article marketing, and for stories that you tell on any number of other posts and articles shared throughout your marketing efforts. A powerful landmark post can literally launch your website to six figures in a week. If you’re ready to make some serious bucks, figure this one out and you’ll be wearing success.

If you’re still searching for solutions to your traffic problems and need more ideas, you might want to read through these, and consider a variety of options you can do with each of these, suggestions. Do you need more information about how to write a powerful landmark post?


Source by Jan Verhoeff