Earn Adsense Income By Sharing Other People’s Videos


Video sharing websites like Google Video and YouTube have exploded in the past year. Since the beginning of 2006, YouTube alone has grown from infancy to become the 8th most popular website on the Internet. That’s over 1.9 Million hits PER DAY! All that traffic makes video sharing websites a TON of money in advertising dollars. They benefit financially by tapping into our inner desire to share with each other. As we post our favorite videos and email the site to our friends and family, this exposure grows virally. Best of all, the search engines just love it!

Imagine if we could capitalize on this excitement, perhaps by generating income from Google AdSense ads on each page or by including a link to sites we’re trying to promote.

A Better Way

I recently discovered a company that takes video sharing to a new level. TheVideoSense has modified video sharing by integrating Google AdSense ads within the pages. As site visitors view the video, they see related AdSense ads. Unlike the current major players, TheVideoSense shares the revenue generated with people like you and me as we share our videos. Best of all, there is no cost to join!

Here’s how it works. After signing up (free, remember?), we visit Google Video and YouTube to find any videos that interest us. Both sites provide a URL code for the video that we simply copy and paste into our account. It couldn’t be simpler.

I found 14 popular videos on Google and YouTube, copied the embedded code they provide freely, and then pasted it onto my video page…all in about one hour. What makes TheVideoSense unique is that they hardcode AdSense ads on the webpage created with my Google affiliate ID. The videos I added are made available to all visitors to the TheVideoSense website. As visitors to TheVideoSense view the videos I “shared” (and remember I got them absolutely free), they see MY AdSense ads. As visitors email the page to their friends, exposure grows exponentially!

The big boys no longer need to dominate the video sharing market. Thanks to companies like TheVideoSense, we can all tap into this explosive craze.


Source by Dave MacDonald