Everything Small Companies Should Know About These 7 SEO Trends


With the ever-changing trend in the IT sector, the skilled professionals have to work smartly in order to keep pace with the newer technologies. As content marketing has increased in the recent times so is the SEO, it has made its mark in the online marketing sector but with changing mechanics, the SEO specialist has to update with latest innovations.

Small companies recently entering online marketing needs to abide by the tactics and trends of SEO to keep themselves in the top searches on Google. Here are top seven SEO Trends that these companies need to acquaint with.

1. Achieve Higher SERP’s with Long Contents

As per the research, the companies placing the content of more than 1,000 words tend to rank high in the SERP’s. The online search of top companies is more that possesses longer contents of high quality and matches customer’s intents too. The focus on creating in-depth content with 1,000+ words will definitely help small-scale companies.

2. Provision of Deep Links

The users do not like to scroll through the pages of those companies that have whole information crammed at one place and it creates difficulty in understanding, which leads to poor SEO. For a healthy Search Engine Optimization of your website, one should go ahead with Deep Links or the Hyperlinks. These links will lead the people deeper into your site contents and product information, thereby making SEO stronger.

3. Investing in Social Media

Social Media is becoming the SEO’s first choice, as the small companies that have got good like on Facebook or Twitter, are likely to be placed in the organic search results of Google. Even the videos, blogs or the advertisements shared on social platform can enhance the SEO of your website.

4. Special Emphasis on Videos

The graphic or virtual content is what most of the users are seeking for in today’s time as people search for the content with videos. The videos on social platform also help the companies to top the position in Google searches. It was also reported that the web pages with videos get good rankings than the ones without them.

5. Mobile-Friendly Websites

According to Google guidelines, the companies need to make their websites mobile-responsive too as there are large numbers of Smartphone, iPhone and iPad users. For this, the SEO’s should put emphasis on the mobile optimization because it leads to 70% of online searches.

6. Usage of Voice Search

The mobile device users find the voice search option safer and more convenient because of its usage while driving too. The SEO specialists need to focus that the user is able to find the content related to a specific keyword during the searches.

7. Local SEO

For small companies, the Local SEO comes handy as it helps the users to know about the company that is nearby. This will help the customers to get requisite products and services while searching for relevant keywords.


Source by Dhilipan Narasimman