Gifts on Mother’s Day


With a Farewell to the Valentine day recently, it is not the end of love season. In fact, it never is. This is, what it seems, when we look at the growing competition now in the Online Florists’ segment.

It is Spring and people look forward to sending flowers to their dear and loved ones. And the upcoming Mothers day in UK is another occasion round the corner that gives the Online Florists an uninterrupted ride till the Mothers day of May knocks again.

But when it comes to ordering and sending flowers to your pals out there, the mind is really confused as to whom to choose. Search in Google for Online Flower Delivery and you get more than 2 Million results! And I can bet this number would increase. But why is this horde for flowers? Well, its not just the Flowers but every other e-business.

But the main concern is of the customer. No doubt with so many options at his disposal, a customer has loads of options to choose from. But does it make things easy, or confuses the customer about whom to believe and who not, and who is the best merchant to purchase the product as per reasonable prices (no doubt every one claims to be one). Unlike the travel segment, the online flowers can not be compared, as one floral arrangement can be very different to the other. However, here is what I think is more important.

It is always good to buy through the affiliates. So while you want to buy flowers of 1800flowers but want more discount than what it is offering, than, search for an affiliate of 1800. Purchasing with affiliates is beneficial, in terms that they tend to offer more discounts out of their commissions earned. So while there is a $50 charge for an arrangement at 1800, sendonlineflower (dot) com or shoponlineflowers(dot)com (or any other such affiliates), who get 15% commission on $50, decide to part with 10% discounts, offering them to the customers.

The benefit is that while you are getting the same 1800 flower arrangement that you wanted to, but at a lower rate when you buy it from the affiliates!

Isn’t this amazing? Yes, it is. The benefit to a merchant is, that next time a customer buys, it will directly come to 1800 flowers (as this is what 1800 may believe). Thus, its like getting its reach increased around the globe and increasing its popularity.

The benefit to affiliates is that the customer would most probably come to the affiliate rather than the Merchant itself as they get good discounts on an affiliate site for the same product.


Source by Shadab Malik