Google Ranking Doesn’t Matter Anymore


SEO always assisted in increasing website rank, through various tools and techniques and keyword ranking has been part of multiple campaigns which were used for judging its primary performance. Just remember by going back around five to six years, where the keywords used by users for any web content was very well-known, but presently with tools like Google Analytics, anyone can relatively get accurate search volume estimates from within Google’s keyword tool.

A ripple effect has been created for many Organic Website SEO providers as this news has reduced the effectiveness of SEO tools and measuring the impact reaching from organic search for a gritty level. Recently Google’s decision towards displaying of ranking estimates in a broad range of search volume within their keyword planner tool.

One shocking fact regarding keywords ranking is whatever ranking data collected was largely inaccurate and this fact is admitted by various software providers. Further reasons are being explained in three broad categories that are:

• Personalization – Just recall the information from 2012, when Google already was altering search results for different people according to the knowledge they have about users and thus serving up results based on that and especially on the basis of a search history of users.

For any marketing or SEO related query user visit Hubspot or GrowthHackers then Google will likely to serve it first than any other site as they know that user is preferring towards these sites.

• Location – It doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop or mobile Google will serve users according to the location they are like whenever any user is searching for any retail store or restaurant, it will display them closest shop. And the answer for top site ranking became more challenging as well as one additional fact that Google has a position zero for a lot of searches making more difficult in determining the ranks.

So what’s the solution? The simpler and easier term for looking at the performance of the content on a page-by-page basis is going for the pieces of content through analyzing the focused subject and then checking the performance.

All those contents of blogs written are in cluster form on organic search traffic for gaining the visibility on any topic as well as maintaining the website by professional web design help. Professional help can be taken for checking the performance on individual pages. As they have more frequent and latest knowledge of techniques.


Source by Ankita Singh