Google SEO Facts – Why Google is the King of Search Engines


Most SEO professionals simply do not understand the true complexity regarding Google SEO and why optimizing for Google is so much different than for other search engines. Google ranking engine is called PageRank, a patented set of mathematic equations called an algorithm. The PageRank algorithm is ever evolving and due to this fact, it becomes ever so difficult to gauge what it is. No one, outside of Google, knows the true elements of which the PageRank algorithm consists of, and because of this there is a lot of guesswork SEO’s out there.

I have found through meticulous testing and research that there are over 317 elements to the algorithm. Most of these can be somewhat manipulated by professional web developers in conjunction with expert SEO’s but others, simply cannot be tricked. For example; the age of the site is the biggest element that affects ranking but cannot really be manipulated. Google’s reasoning behind this is that with the ever growing number of mass spamming web sites, and fake affiliate portals targeting the masses; these websites often open and close within a year, so it has been thought by the general SEO community that there is a period of about a year in which Google imposes some ranking restrictions. This is to prevent a well optimized site from coming and going, cluttering the Google site index.

I have found that this is true but only beginning at high traffic keywords, over 5,000 monthly search volume. For any keywords below 5,000 monthly searches, there doesn’t seem to be any restriction. I’ll be describing in detail in future articles the most important Google SEO elements and how to make them work for you.


Source by Gabriel Lopez-Seco