How To Find Good Hot eBook Topics


Choosing to author your own eBook is exhilarating and gratifying. You’re given a fresh beginning to write about anything you want and do it in your own style. The difficult step is determining your eBook’s topic. What do you desire to devote your next few weeks’ time pouring your heart and soul into with hope that people discover your work informative and enjoyable? I’m going to aid you in your journey to finding good hot eBook topics that spark your interest so you can choose one.

Below are two core goals I want you to keep in mind while you proceed through this reading and begin your writing process. Just store them in your memory for now.

  • Do you truly LIKE the topic and
  • Is there a MARKET for the topic

Hot Topics

What precisely are hot topics? These books approach a specific topic that is trending at the moment, but will ultimately lose its following after a short time. These are useful for making a quick stint of money fast, in addition to getting your name promoted and acquainted to launch your own FAN FOLLOWING. In other words, hot topics are “money makers”. You have the potential to sell lots of copies in the short term after publication than your sales drop when the topic becomes cold.

Timing and trending are two components you must really understand when choosing the right hot topic. Obviously you won’t want to select a topic that is prevalent now, but is not by the time you publish your book. Unfortunately there are no guarantees how long a topic will be popular, so the concept is to discover a good hot topic, rapidly write your book, and make it available to the public quickly to receive as many sales as conceivable before it disappears.

How To Find Hot Topics

Hot topics are all around us. Just think about where you are informed of upcoming news and events?

Social Media Websites, Television News, and Online News Websites probably come to mind.

All of these are excellent locations to start researching. In all probability you have already been introduced to a few HOT topics, but just haven’t recognized it yet. Take a step back. Start thinking about the most recent things you’ve heard about, whether from the lips of your local newscaster or a friend’s tweet. Nowadays we are more in touch with the things that are going on around us and throughout our global society than ever before with all these media outlets readily available at our finger tips.

You need to keep your eyes and ears open for rising issues that people are looking to solve. These do not necessarily have to be large problems, like pulling the country out of debt. They can be as simple as a certain store’s alteration in their selling process. An example of this is when eBay chose to ban infoproducts from their virtual auction areas. This probably sounds like a minimal change to you, but to many internet marketers this was a GIGANTIC issue. A quick solution was needed so these marketers could package their products in a different format to continue selling them on eBay. If you had written an eBook on exactly how to repackage these infoproducts in a way that eBay sanctioned them to be sold on their website you would’ve had loads of internet marketers purchasing your eBook, not to mention a GOOD chunk of change.

This may be way out of your realm of topic specific knowledge; in fact you may have no clue about selling on eBay, infoproducts, or auction sites. This is just meant to be a small sample to get your mind brainstorming. Minor changes such as this one affect many people and offer a huge audience who could potentially buy your eBook to obtain a solution to their problem.

The Kindle Store and forum groups, such as Yahoo and Google, are other great sources to find good hot topics. The Kindle Store provides a very useful option to filter all the books available by the bestsellers. If you open your web browser, proceed to the Kindle webpage, and assess what their bestsellers presently are you will be given tons of books on particular topics (HOT TOPICS). Going to Google or Yahoo chat rooms you will discover topics that have lots of posts about individuals sharing their own answers on how to solve certain issues. Search for a topic that’s been recently presented and has many up-to-date posts below it that way you know people are presently deliberating about it (meaning it is currently trending).

Develop a list of various potential HOT topics that you align an interest with. Only include topics that you can honestly write about and ENJOY writing about, otherwise you will have no real motivation to intrigue potential buyers and ultimately make sales.

After your list is created you want to visit Google Trends, which actually offers a handy little tool that aids in the tracking of current trends. The web address is Type the first topic on your list into the search box. The results of your search will be a trend graph. By default the graph will share a topic’s trending past over multiple years. You will want to filter the results to only include a topic’s trend for the past year. To do this, utilize the left sidebar of the results page. Simply find the title “Limit to” and change it to the current year. View the trend.

Is the trend increasing or decreasing? Is this specific topic becoming more popular or starting to get cold? Narrow down your list by testing each of the topics on it and eliminating the ones that are showing a clear decrease in popularity. Once you have a limited list of available topics, simply pick one and write about it.


Source by Kay M. Smith