How to Start an Internet Business – The Essentials of Keyword Research Part 2


My previous article went over some of the very basic essentials of keyword research. However, if you really want to know some of the secrets on how to start an Internet business read on. If you have not read my first article I would encourage you to do so to completely follow my strategy.

Here are a couple of methods you can use in your keyword research that will help separate you from the competition.

Use questions as keywords. When doing your research be mindful of problems or questions that web searchers may be asking to solve a problem. For example let’s look at particular segment of the “Attorney Search” niche.

Note: Since it is not a niche that I use and to be fair to others whom are involved, I will not disclose the actual keyword phrases. The numbers are however the actual results of my research.

It is a very competitive niche and on the surface it may seem too difficult to make it worth the effort. Using the standard methods you would be able to find a keyword that gives you a very good chance of being successful in this niche.

“WXYZ WXYZ Attorneys” has nearly 3000 searches per month, yet only 34,000 results on the internet. Compare that to “XYZ Attorneys” which has only 3 times the number of searches at 9000 but 10 times the amount of competition at 334,000. “WXYZ WXYZ Attorneys” would be a very good choice in this niche.

But now let’s use a question to solve a problem, for example “how to get xxx xx x xxx”. That phrase although it gets 5 times less searches then “WXYZ WXYZ Attorneys”, at 600 per month, it has 340 times less competition, at only 92! Based on this data and with a little bit of effort you could have on average 20 visitors to your site daily that are targeted to a specific problem, cha ching.

Use this method for your niche, think of problems and how questions would be phrased. Use them as keywords and perform the standard research.

Look into using misspelled words. Yes it is a real fact that everyone cannot spell perfectly, in fact quite a few people can’t. The result is the search engines are ranking these words just like any other while most Internet Marketers are trying to make everything perfect on their sites.

The result is that there are plenty of opportunities just waiting for someone to do the research and act. For example one very popular phrase in the “Financial” niche would be an excellent opportunity.

Spelled correctly there are over 100,000 searches per month and 15 million results. But misspell just one of the words and a diamond in the rough appears, over 7000 searches per month and only 25,000 results.

Using these two methods could make a big difference in your marketing efforts. Knowing how to use these keyword phrases in your campaign will be the topic of a future article so stay tuned and best of luck.


Source by Scott D. Henderson