Keyword Magic Professional – Find Relevant Traffic Driving Keywords Fast


Relevant keywords are essential for building a rock solid internet business. You need to find the right keywords when it comes to writing articles, making ads, and writing keyword meta tags. The more information you know about the keywords you are using the more you can make that knowledge pay out in cash dividends.

Doing traditional keyword research can be a pain. Not to mention it is a waste of your time to be doing mindless keyword research when you could be working on other aspects of your business. In traditional article marketing good keyword research makes the difference between a successful article or not. To do this you’ll need to come up with what is commonly called a long-tail keyword. These keywords tend to have low competition and marginal amounts of traffic to them. However they’re highly relevant and the user usually knows exactly what they want.

Things you need to know before writing an article or ad in terms of keywords…

1. How competitive is the keyword for searches?

2. How many searches does the keyword have on it?

3. How many ads are already placed? How expensive are the costs per click?

4. What kind of long-tail keywords did I forget about?

There are many great pay per month keywords. Among the best pay per month keyword trackers cost thousands of dollars. Some of the cheaper ones cost around $50 a month. However, these keyword tools provide almost the exact same data as a one time pay tool. In fact some of these keyword tools actually extract data from the pay per month tools!

Having a keyword tool which gives you increased information and provides data gathering much faster than manual queries pays dividends time and time again.


Source by Charles Lameet