Link Tracking


Finding the correct way to utilize your link tracking software is actually a very simple task for even the green SEO learner. Everyone knows that you want to have as many links as possible pointing to your site to increase your rankings in the SERP’s thus increasing the amount of traffic coming to your site via major search engines.

When initially building your links, it is important that you have 3 or 4 specific keywords in mind (make one a really competitive term) and 5 – 8 long tail keywords for each of your main keywords. Remember, when people are searching the internet, they have a definite idea in their minds of what they are searching for, make sure your keyword choices will bring these specific people (otherwise known as your target audience) to your website. You will convert more visitors this way and obviously make more money. You can leverage your link managing software to get an optimal and organized link building campaign under way.

So, how do you use link tracking software correctly? Example; if your wanting people interested in “basketball shoes” coming to your website and you have chosen “basketball shoes” as a keyword then you would want about two-thirds of your link building campaign to be focused on the anchor text “basket ball shoes” and you would want the other one third of your links to be built from your long tail keywords, like “street basket ball shoes,” “LeBron basketball shoes,” “black basket ball shoes,” etc. You can monitor this type of campaign strategically with link tracking software.

The main idea behind setting up these links is to have the main term be in the majority of your anchor texts but if your not keeping track and you are just throwing links out there and hoping something will fall into place than good luck. You NEED your main keyword to appear as much as possible but you need a plan.


Source by Jeff Millett