Optimize Your Website For Search Engines With These Different Meta Tags


Meta Tags are the snippet of texts that let the search engine understand the main objective of the particular web page. It lets them understand what your page is all about, so, it indexes it properly and increases its ranking. In simple words, you can say Meta Tags are the one that provides information about your web page to the web spiders, which make it easier for them to crawl your website, for better ranking. These are very much important in SEO and here are some different and most important types of Meta Tags that are must for the better optimization of your website. So, let’s dig into them, to understand better.

  • Title Tag: It is basically the main title of your page, which showed up in the search results. It has to be unique and relevant to the description written in the context. It should be clear enough to justify your objective and actions to the search engines and readers to make them understand your web page better. Google normally displays only 50-60 characters of a title tag and you have to keep this limit in mind while creating them.
  • Description Tag: It is not a rocket science, but just a short description of your page that helps the Google understand your offerings. The suggested Meta Description character limit is 160 including spaces. Make sure the description you create should contain one important long-tail keyword.
  • Robots Meta Tag: These are pieces of code that provide crawlers instruction how to index your web page or website. One should learn about all their codes including “Index, Follow”, “No Index, No Follow”, to use them at the right place. If you don’t have the technical knowledge, there is nothing bad in hiring an expert to help you out.
  • ALT Text: It is used in the images to help the Google understand what your image is all about. This makes your images accessible to both people as well as the search engines.
  • Header Tag: Last but not in the list is header tag, which is used to structure your page in headings and subheading. It improves the presentation of your web page and drives web spiders and humans both to it.

These are a few Meta Tags, which are more than just important in SEO. And in an order to obtain better results from them, you should hire a professional SEO Company that provides the assistance you require for improving the search ranking of your website.


Source by Gunjan Singh