Premium Article Directory Listings Improve Your Page Rank


Article marketing and submission is an easy and fulfilling way to gain valid and crucial backlinks from high quality websites, directly to yours! SEO is hard enough, so why struggle when it comes to writing in your native language and increasing your traffic almost instantly?

Premium Article Directory listings are essential to any site’s listings and page ranks. High ranking sites that offer it’s users the chance to gain valuable and usually free backinks to their site should and are taken advantage of all over the internet!

You can dramatically increase your listings by submitting readable and unique content, which, when submitted to high ranking article directories, is picked up and indexed by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing!, with your relevant links included.

This means that the search engine’s spider instantly recognises your site as valuable and in possession of high quality material which deserves to be ranked higher!

There has been some discussion between webmasters as to whether link directories or article directories give the best ranking support, but article directories seem to be the clear option.

Article marketing and submission has been an easy method of SEO since the birth of search engines, and they will continue to provide invalid support to small and large websites alike.

Using the correct formatting and keywords when writing your articles is essential, as you need to include the right keyword to be noticed by search engines. Research into trending keywords and your competition is an essential method of gaining every scrap of value from your article submission, so your research is completely necessary.

Once you’ve found your niche, and began to write your article, you will have to include the right amount of relative links with the correct anchor text included. This shows the search engine that the keywords you have linked are relevant to your site, and they will begin to crawl your site with those keywords and instantly begin to rank your site accordingly. You can also gain hundreds of targeted visitors if they find your article through search engines or a referrer. They may click you link, and thus you get more traffic.

Once you have completed your article, reading back through and checking your anchor text matches your research into the keywords is an optional but recommended step. It means that you will not have wasted your time writing and the right keywords of yours will have been picked up and indexed by search engines!


Source by Jay M Gould