Purposeful Article Marketing – Create Articles With More Than One Purpose


Writing articles with more than one purposeful goal can be difficult.

The process of writing purposeful marketing style articles to promote your business, if well planned, can result in multiple layers of repurposed content that drives consistent, dedicated, and well targeted traffic to your website, and your business. Start with a list of concepts or steps and moves right on through the specifics required to increase the value of the content.

Every topic can be written using these same evergreen, and unchanging steps. By using a master template, or a selection of templates, you'll be able to direct the flow of content, and master the essential elements of article marketing, resulting in well focused, targeted, and high-quality content that never stops generating traffic .

You'll need to do some research.

Know your topic. If you're not entirely familiar with the topic or you simply want some new information to include in your article, you'll need to research. Read a few articles about the topic you're writing, then close them before you write, unless you're referring back to those articles. Citations and references are always a benefit to writing marketable content, and if you use a direct concept or quote from someone else's writing, you'll want to cite and reference their words.

Write some key concepts, perhaps a list of elements, and use those concepts to rebirth ideas that will help others to grasp value and relevance from your topic.

You'll need keyword association.

To locate content on the Internet, people use search engines that seek out keyword elements to locate informative articles on specific topics. By using keyword phrases, and long tail keyword passages, your readers will be able to find your content online. When you write, including keyword association for your marketing articles, you drive organic traffic to your website, using top searched phrases in your industry.

Writing articles with high-quality keyword phrases can be as simple as selecting a group of keyword phrases, and using those frequently during the process of writing your content. Take a moment to use the search engine to locate possible keyword phrases, and find out if they match the topic you'll be writing about, or if you need to fine tune your keyword phrases to be effective.

You'll need to solidify your content.

Posting a selection of keyword phrases into an article is the first step, but the next step is to use those keyword phrases in logical, easily understandable, paragraphs that explain what the solutions you're offering your reader, in ways they can apply to their problems. Random elements can only come together as a solution if you give them sustenance, value, and purpose. Those phrases won't have any impact, unless your reader can apply them to their personal or professional situation.

Give the reader a valuable solution to help them, then direct them toward your website for the rest of the information. Once on your website, be certain there's enough value driven content, and information, to fulfill any promises made to your reader.


Source by Jan Verhoeff