Tips on Using Google Keyword Tool


Successful marketing online is dependent on Keyword Research. While after doing keyword research is not real difficult it is one area that will help you increase your traffic online. To become proficient at keyword research takes practice and lots of trial and error but as you continue to do your research you will become more and more skilled at finding the keywords that the search engines are looking for and thus increase your traffic.

In beginning to do keyword research the best tool you can use is Google Keyword Tool. This is a free tool and is available to everyone but to get the maximum benefit you need to sign in to Google, this is easy to do if you have a Gmail account or other Google services account. The difference in logging into the Keyword Tool or not is with a Google account when you do a keyword search you will get up to 800 keyword ideas instead of just a few.

Once you login start by entering your keyword or phrase such as make money online. Then on the left side of the page scroll down to where it says Match types. Now depending on what you are doing if you have to choose between broad, exact or phrase. Lets say you are wanting to target a specific phrase to use in a PPC ad on Google or Microsoft/Bing, then click on the box next to “phrase” and go to the next step. I will use Phase for this example.

The next step is to go to the area that says advanced options and filters and depending on whether you want to search keywords for just US searches or all countries or some other specific country or even language then you would click on the appropriate box and choose for my example I will use all countries and English.

Then click search. You will get two different options one is keywords and the other is ad group ideas which you could use to put together different ad groups for your blogs, PPC or SEO advertising. Lets use the actual keywords found. In our example of Make Money Online the tool brings up 800 different keywords related to the Phrase. You then choose the keywords you wish to use for your blog or advertising that will get you searched by the many search engines.

One thing you could look at is the number of Global Monthly Searches or Local Monthly searches. If you are wanting to get ranked Globally then look at the Global Monthly Searches. Now here is a little tip if you are wanting your ad or article or blog post ranked high on say Google for a particular keyword phase look at the number of searches for a particular keyword and look for hidden gems that are searched say 1000 to 3000 times and experiment using those as the competition will be less and the chances of getting placed on the first page of Google for that search will be greater.


Source by Stephen L Perkins