Try Using Long Tail Keywords For Your Website Marketing Campaign


Like many website marketers, I use long tail keywords in many popular pay per click programs to drive targeted traffic to my websites. For those new to long tail keywords, a ‘long tail’ is simply a keyword phrase that is very specific, and longer than your average keyword.

Let’s say you have a website about credit repair. Here are a couple example keywords for that:

Credit repair

Credit repair online

Credit repair program

How do I repair my bad credit

How do I repair my bad credit score

Help with repairing my credit score

The first three keyword sets would probably be considered normal keywords, and the last three would be considered long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have several advantages, and some disadvantages:


– Highly targeted traffic. If the user searched for that particular phrase, they are ready to buy, and know what they want.

-A LOT cheaper bid prices. Not much competition on that keyword from other PPC users.


– Less traffic coming from those keywords.

– You have to come up with quite a few of these long tails to get much traffic on them.

Considering that you have a chance to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, while save a lot of money on your pay per click program, I would highly suggest getting started on long tail keywords.

The best tool I have found to start your long tail keyword list is Google Adword’s Keyword Tool. Simply log into your Google AdSense account and click on Tools. This tool takes a given keyword, and gives you results that often contain many valuable long tail keywords. The results can show you how much search volume there is for that given keyword, and what the average cost per click will run.

Of course, you can also export this list, and use the same keywords in other pay per click campaigns 😉


Source by Tom Niehoff