Web Success Stories – Can Ordinary Folks Really Do It?


Web success stories are found all over the internet. The question most of us ask ourselves is can a little guy like myself become one of these web success stories too? So I decided to do some investigating to see what I could come up with and you know what there are lots of folks doing well. This article is written for the little guy to show you that yes your dreams can come true too.

When we hear the phrase “web success stories” we think of the gurus that are raking in thousands if not millions of dollars a year. However, there are ordinary folks that have started from scratch earning fifty,a hundred, five hundred even a thousand dollars a day. These are the people that have pursued their dreams relentlessly with a burning desire and a supportive community to help them get through the learning curve.

I have gathered a few inspirational anecdotes. They are real web success stories from real people taken from one of the forums I am familiar with. There are too many to include all of them here so I have included three of the most inspiring.

Out of The Blue

One of my favorite web success stories for sure. This gentlemen had been doing niche marketing for a while and was earning about $500 per month. He invested around $120 in one specific niche. Set up a landing page, a few videos and a little pay per click advertising. It was going nowhere so he stopped promoting it and just let it sit. Four months later he received notification of a sale. They kept coming in at about one or two a day. He made $2000 in commissions in just four days.

When he did some research to find out how this could happen he discovered that one of the keyword phrases he was using ranked number one in Google. After four months! The amazing thing is search volume was only sixteen searches per month so the conversion rate was close to one hundred percent! All from organic traffic! It just goes to show you never know when it will happen.

Specializing In One Method Pays Off Big Time

This is one of the really awesome web success stories and anyone that hangs out at Squidoo will know all about this amazing lady. She does not think of herself as a guru but simply an ordinary woman that started with nothing, worked hard, learned as much as she could and took ACTION. She decided to specialize in marketing using Squidoo. Now she shares that knowledge with others so that they too can realize their dreams. She went from earning nothing online to making over a $100,000 in her second year. Oh and I should also mention that she knew very little about affiliate marketing when she began.

Las Vegas Baby! Here I Come!

This gentlemen from England used to work in a factory and now works full time as an affiliate marketer. His motivation other than having his own business was an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. He is a member of a company which has a promotion whereby anyone making three hundred sales in a year gets an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas and a chance to talk marketing with even more successful internet marketers. After discovering that it really does work in his second year he began promoting the very company that taught him his trade. He got those three hundred sales, a trip to Las Vegas and the last I heard he is now making five figures a month. All of this in two years.

Web success stories are all around if you look closely. Ordinary people who spend the necessary time learning and working hard are reaching amazing levels of achievement. I have written about these people to show you that you too can achieve your dreams. Too often we hear about scams and unscrupulous marketers but there is a whole other world of folks trying to make an honest living online and these people are also creating their own web success stories!


Source by Devan Persaud