What Is SEO and Why Is It So Common These Days?


In this era, everything has gone online. We believe that the internet can solve all of our problems within the wink of an eye. Businesses always try to make sure that their product and services come first when the relevant keywords are searched about them. The question here arises is how do they do that? This is what SEO is all about. Let’s find out more.

There is a strategy for that and it’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let me keep it simple for beginners. SEO is a process of improving a website rank such that when a relevant keyword is entered on any search engine, the optimized website does not fail to catch the eyes of the searcher.

From a business perspective, there are many benefits brought about by SEO. It can help businesses meet their goals by increasing sales. To make you more convinced about its benefits, let’s have look at the most important benefits of SEO.

Traffic Diversion

If the SEO tactics are applied rightly, it can help to divert traffic to your business website. This normally happens because of SEO content writing which emphasizes on specific keywords that people use to search using the search engines.

No Need to Pay for Ads

Another major benefit of using SEO is that it is a source of cost-effective marketing. If you are using SEO, then there is no need to pay for advertisements, especially if you are low on a marketing budget. It also helps in filtering out your target audience as it only brings those people to your website whose keywords match your product or service.

Edge over Competitors

People and search engines both will be able to find you more often if you have used SEO tactics for marketing purposes hence providing a competitive edge to your business. In other words, you can run circles around your competitors. This is what is of paramount importance to expand your business.

Relationship Development

If your website is optimized and people have started talking about it, this means that you are developing a connection with them. This can open new doors of advertising and promotional avenues for a business that contributes to sales and goodwill of a business.

In conclusion, it is now easy to understand that SEO plays a significant role in any marketing strategy. It is a tool that makes your business more visible on the web and ultimately leads to generating sales and growth of a company.

It also plays a vital role in increasing the consumer base of a business as more people are now attracted to an SEO optimized website. All marketers and business owners must be thinking that there’s no reason not to optimize their website.

In short, this was an introduction to SEO and why it’s so common these days. If you have a website and want to optimize it for search engines, we suggest that you follow a strategy to optimize your website or blog.


Source by Shalini M