Where to Look For a Hungry Crowd of Buyers


Let’s face it. The most crucial part in Internet Marketing is not setting up your affiliate site or choosing a product or identifying the set of keywords for your chosen niche. Of course these are important on contributing to a successful campaign. But what is most crucial for me from my experience online is where to find the desperate buyers so I can double my success rate. This article will give you ideas on how to identify a desperate crowd of hungry buyers in your chosen niche.

As an affiliate, the most valuable traffic for you would be from people who are already “researching the product” and people who are desperate to fix a problem. To identify them, you don’t have to spend hours of researching keywords for your niche in Google keyword tool and compete with the highly searched terms. What you can do is leverage the information that you will find in ClickBank marketplace and on internet marketing forums like the warriorforum to get ideas which products are currently selling and what people are talking about the most (in the forums).

Lets go to ClickBank first. Personally I’d like to focus on products which gives instant gratification like softwares and information, as opposed to traditional products that can be bought locally ( and have your buyers eventually end up buying in the local store instead). Anyway, the reason why I love ClickBank because it gives you an idea which product is a hot seller based on the gravity of the affiliates that are promoting the product. A gravity of over 100 is an indication that the product is getting a decent amount of sales ( otherwise it won’t attract affiliates). You will also know that the product is a hot seller if it’s on the top 5 of the category you are searching. One good method of determining a hot selling product is going to cbtrends.com. This site will show you the top products that are selling in ClickBank in all categories. That alone will give you an idea which niche have “hungry” buyers and desperate to fix a problem. So there you go for tip no. 1.

Now lets go to the warriorforum.com and go to the WSO section (Warrior Special Offers). This is a section where warriors can offer their product for a special rate exclusively for warrior members. Look at the product or offer with the most viewed. This alone will indicate how popular or in demand that product is and you can leverage on that information. You can sign up as an affiliate for a similar product, or you can make your own product and sell it. You can utilize existing PLR products for your niche that you can revise and edit, or outsource the work so you can have a brand new product of your own.

Another way to find out about a profitable niche is for you to go to Amazon.com and take a look at the”movers and shakers” section and see what products are currently selling in any of the categories you have chosen. This will give you an idea which product is currently selling like hotcake. I hope that the tips in this article can help you jumpstart your niche research and find out which products have already a hungry crowd of buyers who are ready to jump on your offer.


Source by Ditz Serapio