Why Is Local SEO Important for Law Firms?


Law firms are increasingly seen stepping up their marketing efforts to dominate the local market— but then every business out there strives to do so! However, the problem with many lawyers today is that they are yet to comprehend the impact that local SEO wields as far as legal “business” is strictly concerned. A recent survey has actually shown that 31% of legal customers search for lawyers online. Here’s more about ways in which a Local SEO Company can help you if you are a lawyer. Read on to find out more.

Why would you need local SEO Services if you’re running a legal firm?

Now, as a lawyer, you simply cannot rule out the fact that when someone is looking for a lawyer or solicitor online, one is actually concentrating on region-specific searches. For instance, they are more likely to conduct searches with “solicitor Chandni Chowk” or for that matter “lawyers Andheri East” rather than embarking on a more generic search like just “lawyers” or “solicitors”.

Google pays a lot of importance to local search behavior – simply because of the fact that local searches go a long way in determining user decision at the end of the day. There is a report which reveals that fifty percent of consumers who carried out local searches on their mobiles/smartphones had actually visited the stores within a day and 34% who carried out searches on tablets and phones had actually gone on to take the same action. Though this particular data does not specifically relate to the legal sphere, it should help you in any case, if you are actually dealing with the digital marketing needs of a legal firm.

The fact (as is reported) that around 18% of local searches lead to sale within a day will definitely compel you to consider the power of local SEO – once again, though the figures don’t directly relate to law.

What should you find out?

As a law firm or solicitor looking forward to expand your outreach, you should be prudent enough to consider acquainting yourself with the factors that are crucial for business growth. Searchers specifically look for your address when they are seeking information about you online. Make sure you’re getting your contact details listed on your social media pages without fail. Here are other details that your digital profiles must contain as per suitability:

  • Business in accordance with category
  • Directions
  • Hours for which your law firm operates per day
  • Reviews
  • Detailed description of service area (Criminal Law or Civil Law etch and nuanced information about problems you can address)
  • Phone Number
  • Reviews

It must be especially mentioned that company reviews are treated very seriously by users or business prospects. In fact, it has actually been opined that they pay equal attention to client reviews as they do to recommendations.

It is very important on your end to ensure that you are relying on the skills of an experienced and efficient digital marketing agency to take care of Local SEO needs.


Source by Rahul Ranjan Singh