Write Articles 7 Different Ways For Easier, Faster, Better Results


There’s a reason that online marketers spend time (and often money) to find the right SEO keywords, and that’s because the more targeted the keywords are, the better the results.

But personally, I found that all this keyword research, and then writing the resulting keyword-rich articles, takes time. Sometimes it takes too much time, especially when you want to write really information-packed and entertaining articles.

Fortunately I found a way to really speed this process up and get better search engine results at the same time. Not only that, but it also makes it all much simpler and faster to do.

The way I do it, is first I look for long-tail keywords that have an average search volume and low competition. This is so that my articles are more likely to be on the first page of the search results, because, let’s face it, getting on the first page is THE most important thing when it comes to search results and it’s what we’re all aiming for.

Next, I write my article and I usually, but no always, place my main keyword in the title and the first paragraph.

Once I’ve completed my article the hard work is done because I then rewrite this article several different ways which gives me more unique articles all written from just one original article so that the keyword research and the article research are already done.

I have perfected my article writing system so that I can write one article a total of seven different ways.

This works really well for search engine marketing because it means that anyone competing for the same long-tail keyword (and there won’t be many because I use low-competition keywords) have to compete with me seven times for the prized number one spot in search engine results.

Also, using this seven article system helps to increase my chances of being on the first page of results seven times.

Look at how this works:

Say I write just one article and it shows up third on the first page of results. That’s not bad and it will probably bring me plenty of online visitors to my website. And using long-tail keywords means that my visitors are more targeted which helps increase sales.

But when I write seven articles, not only can my original article show up as the third result, but my other articles can also show up as number four, five, six and seven. So working this way means that my site shows up seven times more in search results.

It also means that writing multiple articles seven different ways will help me dominate any niche and get seven-times more visitors to my site.

And I do all this using my simple article writing system.


Source by Ruth Barringham